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HO5 Home Insurance Policy

The HO5 Home Insurance Policy is one of the best home insurance policies available in the United States. It provides excellent coverage for both your home and personal property.

The HO5 Insurance Policy is an Open Perils Policy

The HO5 insurance policy is an open perils policy. This means the policy does not list the perils for which your home and personal property are covered; instead it lists the perils your home and personal property does not cover. If your home and/or personal property are damaged by something that is not on the exclusion list, then you have insurance coverage. This policy provides the most extensive coverage that is offered. It is one of the most elite home insurance policies available to homeowners.

Exclusion List for Your Home & Contents

The only perils that are excluded on your home and personal property are:

  1. Earth Movement (earthquake coverage can be endorsed on)
  2. Ordinance or Law (some coverage may be provided in your policy)
  3. Water Damage (Sudden & Accidental Water Damage is automatically included; others can be endorsed onto the policy)
  4. Power Failure
  5. Neglect
  6. War
  7. Nuclear Hazard
  8. Intentional Loss
  9. Government Action
  10. Collapse (some coverage may be provided in your policy)
  11. Theft to a Dwelling Under Construction
  12. Vandalism or Malicious Mischief (only if vacant more than 60 days)
  13. Mold, Fungus, or Wet Rot (some coverage may be provided in your policy)
  14. Wear & Tear, Deterioration
  15. Mechanical Breakdown
  16. Smog, Rust & Corrosion
  17. Smoke from Agricultural Smudging & Industrial Operations
  18. Discharge, Dispersal, Seepage of Pollutants
  19. Settling, Shrinking, Bulging, or Expanding
  20. Birds, Vermin, Rodents, Insects
  21. Animals Owned by Insured

Where This HO5 Insurance Policy May Lack in Coverage

Although the HO5 home insurance policy is one of the best policies available, there are a few areas where the HO5 may lack in coverage. The two largest areas are:

  1. Water Damage - this policy always comes with Sudden & Accidental water damage, and may come with other important water damage coverage options such as: water backup (water backing up through drains in your home), water damage found in the foundation, and water damage resulting from slow leaks. Most HO5 policies will come with many of these water protection coverage options, but it is not necessarily standard, so be sure to ask your agent if they are included in your policy.
  2. Flood - despite being one of the best home insurance policies available, this policy still will not cover flood. Flood is rarely included with a standard HO5, and typically can not be endorsed onto the policy. FEMA, a government organization, sells flood policies to those who are interested. Most insurance agents are also licensed flood agents, and can write both a flood and home insurance policy for you.

Similar Home Insurance Policies

The HO5 insurance policy is very similar to one other home insurance policy you may run across: the HOC

HOC: The HOC is nearly identical to the HO5 insurance policy. It is open perils coverage on both the home and personal property. The only real potential difference may be in the amount of water protection that comes standard with the HOC policy. If there is a difference between the two policies, it is likely that the HOC comes with more water protection. Any water protection the HOC comes with, however, can be endorsed onto an HO5 policy.

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Last modified: Mon Jan 27 10:57:09 MST 2014